Ensuring our client gets qualified works and service appropriate to their business and marketing needs is our goal. As a designer I’m always trying to optimize my creative process. Translating from creative idea to perfect visual design is not always an easy process. So a good structured graphic design process is essential. With our years experiences, we put together our four-step graphic design process to help and deliver the graphic design as efficient as possible.


First Stage:

Initial Meeting of understand the work

An initial meeting is a good introduction for us to get to know each another’s business, service and/or products.It’s a meeting to discuss your project in detail and clarify any technical issues. The primary focus is to establish the scope of work and any required materials.We take the time to listen to your expectation, ideas, visions, culture, etc. and help you to make your materials unique to your products and services. We will encourage you to take an active role in the design process.


Second Stage:

Quote and proposal

Based on our conversation, we will give you our proposal which includes items such as scope of work, associated fees, additional fees, project timelines and what we will need from your business to get started. Once all parties agree upon all items in this written proposal we can begin work on the project.


Third Stage:

Design and artwork

We will start to very specifically define your project goals, design likes and dislikes, identify artwork and text to be used, navigation flows, layout styles, etc. Since we want to get off on the right foot for the initial design concept, it is important that we specifically evaluate all your ideas, and gather as much information as possible. We will also begin to provide you a list of the information we will require from your business: unique photography, descriptive
text, etc.


Fourth Stage:

Present and revise

Our designer develops the draft concepts and preliminary designs and selects the most appropriate options for further development. The designer will show you the visual solutions and explains design decisions. Together you will evaluate the visual presentation. Following your review and feedback, our designer amends the material as required and, if necessary, presents you with new design(s). Based on your approved draft work, our designer prepares the artwork files and provides a proof through email. You either approve the artwork by signing the proof, or mark-up changes you’d like to make.A further proof is provided if required.Any additional changes requested by client should follow the detailed quote conditions provided with the contract.


Fifth Stage:


 If you need any printing service, we would like to provide printing options and more competitive price for you.


We are passionate enthusiastic and always ready for the next challenge.
If you have a project that requires some creative input,please drop us a line or give us a call.
We are based in Auckland, but deal with clients worldwide – so don’t be afraid to contact us from further a field.

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